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Kids Massage in NJ
Image: Pediatric Massage.

Kids Massage

Mobile In-Home Massage For Kids in Central and Northern NJ

Therapeutic Massage For Kids, Right in Your Own Home!

Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy brings experienced, highly-reviewed, Licensed and Certified Pediatric Massage Therapists trained in local hospitals, to your kids at your home when it's convenient for your family's schedule.

No wasting (more) time navigating backed up roads after school; having to drive the kids to practice for sports, dance, and social and school events consumes enough of your gas and time. Pediatric Massage Therapy is becoming well-known as a valuable modality employed in the hospital and hospice setting for kids of all ages, from those with special needs, to the average kid, to child-athletes competing in fiercely competitive athletic leagues.

Home Massage For School-Aged Children & Teens Research Results

Touch Therapy for children is an evidence-based modality that has proven to be beneficial for kids of all ages in study after study. Results show that Massage for Kids is helpful in a vast number of measurable ways, for children that are well, for those dealing with specific health concerns, and for kid-athletes. Consider also that this modality of Pediatric Bodywork does not have a high risk association, and is therefore generally safe for kids.

Kids Back Massage in NJ Kids  Massage Therapy in NJ Kids  Massage Therapy in NJ

We are Certified Pediatric Massage Therapists (CPMTs) trained by Tina Allen, the world-traveling authority on Pediatric Massage who has helped bring Therapeutic Massage to children everywhere. Our CMPT therapists have extensive experience providing Therapeutic Massage to many, many kids of all ages, from all over the state. Our sessions incorporate CranioSacral Therapy, Myofascial Technique, Swedish, and Trigger Point Therapy, all modified for children.

CPMT - Certified Pediatric Massage Therapists

Little Kidz Foundation™ Certified By Tina Allen at Ocean Medical Center, Brick, New Jersey

Liddlekidz Logo

Kids  Massage in NJ Pediatric Massage

Massage For Kids Kids  Massage

Indicated Conditions for Kids Massage

Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Anxiety, Behavior Issues, Sleep Issues, and Cerebral Palsy are some of the conditions that Therapeutic Massage for Kids has been demonstrated to help. As the focus of research shifts to more traditional and holistic healing modalities, we gain an increasing understanding of how significant the effects of even a single session of Massage Therapy can be for a child. Not only is a session de-stressing and beneficial to the emotional well-being of a child, but also beneficial for growing bodies' muscles, tendons, and bones.

Autism Massage For Kids

Our therapists were fortunate enough to be trained in Pediatric Autism Massage Therapy by Tina Allen, herself, at K. Hovnanian Children's Hospital in Ocean County Medical Center, Neptune, NJ. This sort of tactile therapy has been integrated into programs for autistic people all over the United States. Of course, the benefits of having an in-home session are often multiplied for autistic kids. Massage for Autism is actually studied and proven to have positive results for many kids.

Peaceful Touch Massage

Hello Kitty In Gymnastics Leotards.

Children require daily touch for all aspects of proper development, from social to cognitive. Therapeutic Massage has been integrated into the learning environment of Swedish schoolchildren, with excellent results. In the United States, nonprofit groups such as Peaceful Touch® have pioneered in carrying the concept over the Atlantic to our shores. Massage in Schools, a Canadian nonprofit group, also concerns itself with bringing massage therapy to school-aged children.

Kids Massage in NJ Kids  Massage

Kids Get Stressed, Too.

Kids get stressed. Although we often consider childhood to be a stress-free time in life, this is not at all the case. Emotional stress often induces muscle tightness in the neck, shoulders, and upper back, which can lead to headaches and pain. But every person carries their stress in a different way. Depending upon your child's specific activities and lifestyle, other areas may be affected by stress. And, there are many stressors for kids besides the emotional.

Massage For Children Children's Massage Kids  Massage In NJ

Tension can also come from schoolwork; studying and tests; home life; dealing with siblings; long hours of intensive focusing; athletic and sports training for gymnastics, soccer, and other sports; bullying; social issues; and more. Sports training and injury prevention are also addressed, besides general de-stressing. Kids Massage At Home is a safe and effective way of helping children feel better.

Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids-1990-Blonde Girl Gymnast. Girl Gymnast Getting Ready To Tumble. Blonde Gymnast Leaning Forward To Tumble.
Child-athletes train hard, maintaining a CraZy schedule.

Cabbage Patch Kid Tumbling. Cabbage Patch Kid Blonde Girl Doing Gymnast Splits. Office Chair Massage Relieves Sore Shoulders.
Kids Massage at home can help with workout recovery, pain and soreness,
as well as help kids have a moment to relax and experience calm & peace.

Not only is schoolwork a source of emotional stress, caused by tests and quizzes and looming deadlines for projects and reports, and cliques and bullies and even just the normal social experiences that every kid goes through, but school is also a source of physical stress.

Kids  Massage Therapy Kids  Massage Therapy in NJ

Kids sit at their desks for hours and hours, and don't even have the opportunity to get up and stretch. Eyestrain from reading for so many hours also can result, along with backaches from non-ergonomically designed school furniture, and carrying loads of books back and forth to school each day.

Smurfette In Leotards Doing Yoga Poses.

And so, it really isn't quite shocking when we discover that our children are suffering silently with tremendous amounts of stress. This may manifest in behavioral issues, TMJ, headaches, depression, or anxiety. While the answer to these problems involves getting enough sleep at night, eating a healthy balanced diet, getting proper exercise, and talking about issues openly with parents, Therapeutic Massage For Kids can certainly help children relax more and suffer less.

Therapeutic Sports Massage For Kid-Athletes

Child-athletes must balance homework and school projects and scholastic success with a social life and friends and a serious weekly calendar always filled with practices, games, competitions, recitals, and more. Of course, these kids can use an hour of relaxation, but most usually are more interested in how it will help their athletic performance. Some of these kids are headed for collegiate-level sports, others will go further and compete in professional sports. Sports Massage for Kids and Young Adults can help with recovery after workouts, as well as with pain from training and playing.

Massage For Kids Smiling During Kids  Massage

Mobile Kids Spa Parties At Your Home or Hotel Suite

Besides At-Home Massage For Kids, we also offer Kids Spa Parties and Kids Massage Parties. These are both wonderful ways to celebrate an important occasion, such as a birthday or team night. We have done hundreds of such parties, and by now are adept at helping to make a celebration brighter and more relaxing for the guests, as well as Guest(s) of Honor.

Infant Massage

Massage of infants, even newborns, has been happening on every inhabited continent since time immemorial. Traditional cultures of Europe, Mexico, India, China, and elsewhere, each employing unique infant massage modalities native to each culture. The Indian role of Malishwali, massaging the newborn as well as the postnatal mother, is often performed by a relative or dedicated professional, or some women have both relatives and family, as well as others, helping.

Toddler Massage

Toddler-aged children often benefit from massage therapy as prescribed, or recommended by physicians, for help with specific conditions. However, massage therapy for this age group is not limited to those kids seeking help with a health condition. Any toddler will benefit by learning how to become relaxed and still.

Massage For Children Children's Massage In NJ Child Massage

As is the case with Massage for Kids, there are a number of studies focused on Infant Massage that prove that the effects are numerous, and wholly positive. Massage for infants and toddlers with coconut or almond oil was practiced for thousands of years in India, and Americans of Indian ancestry often continue this tradition with their own kids.

Child Massage in NJ Massage For Children



Pediatric Massage Kids Massage in NJ

Mobile Mommy and Me Spa Experience™

In-home or at a local hotel, we offer Mommy & Me Day Spa Massages. Relaxing next to your daughter helps you bond, as you both drift away on a sea of relaxation and calm. Why just spend time stressing with your daughter? Try a session of in-home massage alongside your child, practice yoga together, or meditate or do some breathing. Talk together, play together, converse together, and be a parent that is both present and a positive guiding force in your daughter's life.

Kids Massage | Massage For Kids NJ | Children's Massage Therapy | NJ Kid Massage At Home



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