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Circulation, Accident Rehabilitation, Post-Op Rehab,
High Blood Pressure, Range of Motion, Immune System,
Insomnia, Sports Injury, Poor Posture, Allergies,
Anxiety, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Joint Injury, Autism,
Elderly/Geriatric People, Homebound, Pediatric Clients, Sciatica, Oncology Patients, Stretching for Flexibility.
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Mommy and Me Spa Massages At Home in NJ
Image: Mommy and Me! Credit:USAG-HMP

Mobile Mommy and Me Spa

Mobile Mommy and Me Spa™ Massages by Certified Pediatric Massage Therapists at Your NJ Home or Hotel

Experience Calm and Relaxation Right In Your Own Cozy Home Alongside Your Child!

Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy, with our focus on Pediatric Massage and Postnatal Massage, presents our "Mommy-and-Me Spa" service, a great integration of the two. Our licensed and carefully selected CPMTs (Certified Pediatric massage Therapists) travel to your Central or Northern New Jersey home or hotel room, providing side-by-side simultaneous Therapeutic Massage for you and your daughter, so you both can share a timeless moment away from life's cares together for an hour or two.

Whether you're postnatal or well past that phase by a number of years, we're prepared to deliver a session of Therapeutic Massage that will leave you de-stressed and ready to face tomorrow's challenges. Of course, many consider "Mommy and Me Spa" days to be a silly exercise in gross excess; however, Touch Therapy for kid is an evidence based-modality employed in hospitals by CPMTs every day across the United States.

Studies show that massage for kids of all ages, from newborn to young adult, can help in many measurable ways. That covers both kids with serious medical conditions, as well as healthy kids without any issues and child-athletes who regularly push the boundaries of their strength and endurance.

Mommy and Me Spa Massages At Home in NJ

Kids Back Massage in NJ Kids  Massage Therapy in NJ Kids  Massage Therapy in NJ

Mother-Daughter Spa Days: Feel Close With Your Daughter Sharing Massage Time

Mommy and Me Spa Days celebrate the truth that childhood may be fun and games, but it's not always so all of the time. Kids get stressed. If you don't remember this from your own experiences, think back harder. Whether it's a series of difficult exams at school, bullying, an ill loved one, or just the normal stress of learning to socialize with peers, kids do, in fact, experience stress, and respond just as adults do with detrimental hormones and changes to the brain and nervous system.

If a day spent revitalizing with Mommy can bring parent and child closer, it's a win. Relaxing together is another side to life often missing for most of us these days. Getting stressed together, however, is not. Whether it's telling your daughter to "step on it" in the morning because she'll miss the school bus, or keeping her from terrible sweet treats before dinner, to more serious issues in life, it's definitely reassuring to experience stillness and calm next to Mom rather than just sharing in the more tense moments in life.

CPMT - Certified Pediatric Massage Therapists

Little Kidz Foundation™ Certified By Tina Allen at Ocean Medical Center, Brick, New Jersey, as well as Jersey Shore University Medical Center

Liddlekidz Logo

Kids  Massage in NJ Pediatric Massage

Massage For Kids Kids  Massage

We are Certified Pediatric Massage Therapists (CPMTs) trained by Tina Allen, the world-traveling authority on Pediatric Massage who has helped bring Therapeutic Massage to children everywhere. Our CMPT therapists have extensive experience providing Therapeutic Massage to children of all ages, from all over the state of New Jersey. Some kids go for relaxation, others have issues they and their parents are seeking solutions to that complement their conventional treatments, with physician recommendation. Our sessions incorporate CranioSacral Therapy, Myofascial Technique, Swedish, and Trigger Point Therapy, all modified for kids.

Massage For Kids Smiling During Kids  Massage

Our Kids Spa Parties: Real Parties, Real Spa Services!

Kids Spa Parties are another of our unique offerings. True, there were Spa Party providers before us, but none offered real kid-friendly, all-natural food-grade facials, administered by LMTs with a license to do so, or Pediatric Massage for kids by Certified Therapists. Most often, this service is chosen for a girl's birthday party. Sometimes, Moms even participate and receive spa services with the kids. Not silly, but rather a very fun way to spend quality time with your daughter.

Our "NJ/NYC-Famous" Mobile Kids Spa Party Services Available For Moms, Also!~

The services we provide at the parties are always available for a Mommy & Me Spa Day At Home. These include hair styling, nail art, pedi with footbath, and facials. A facial and a massage is a good combination that works well. (Please note: Facials do require at least one day's notice.)

Child Massage in NJ Massage For Children



Pediatric Massage Kids Massage in NJ

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click on '@ Contact Us' button at bottom-left to access our inquiry form, or use the button at the top of this page. Feel free to also call 877 480 8038 for more information or to book an appointment.

Cash, PayPal, CashApp, GooglePay, Credit Cards, and Gift Certificates accepted. Insurance plans accepted: County / Municipal Health Care Plans (NJ), Independent Health Flex Fit, Preferred Care, No-Fault with Authorization


Red Cross CPR Training For Massage Therapists Web Page NCTMB - National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Web Site




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